Hi there!

This website is about photography - virtual and traditional. It's about documenting the beauty of videogames and the world through taking a picture, and posting it here. A few years ago I stumbled upon a website called Dead End Thrills, a project dedicated to showcase videogames through taking screenshots of them.

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  • Moongazing


Like most photographs, Snapshots are usually edited in Luminar, although I try to stay away from extreme changes to the image. Screenshots however are often untouched. I usually only capture gameplay and no cutscenes, and do not alter the image file in any photo editing software (besides panorama stitching and downscaling).

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See something you like? Great, because most images (unless otherwise specified) are released under the Creative Commons license, meaning you're free to share and adapt them for non-commercial uses, as long as you give credit. For some screenshots I also have a much higher resolution file available, contact me if you're interested in those..